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 The rules of Bring the rain UK

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The rules of Bring the rain UK Empty
PostSubject: The rules of Bring the rain UK   The rules of Bring the rain UK Icon_minitimeWed Nov 18, 2009 3:05 am

What we expect from our members

As were a new clan we need cooperation from every member, new or old!

Were trying to have a fair, honest and safe community where all gamers feel welcome.
We will not tolerate bullying, slander or any form of unsociable behaviour, This will lead to the user being kicked out of the clan.
Also remeber older members that there maybe alot of of younger users on the site please keep swearing and bad language to a minimum,
as we want a safe, sociable enviroment, obviously you cant control it all the time but please just be aware.

This goes when playing together online aswell, we will not tolerate members being unfair to one another, as this will leave tension within the clan and that is not accpetable. If you notice anyone falling behind, help them dont put them down. WE ARE TEAM, so we expect you to act like one.

Members must also must have a steady online presence, both on the site and on xbl, psn and pc. Long intervals without warning can lead us to beleive you no longer want to be a member.

YOU CANNOT BE IN 2 CLANS AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Any one caught doing so will have a chance to plead there case, but may be removed from the site.
We do not want to kick members, but may be forced to if any of the rules are broken.

Thanks and enjoy the site

DaddyGreggors and FRMT
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The rules of Bring the rain UK
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